City Tour Santiago

Duration: Half Day (04 hours approx.)

Days of operation: Everyday AM Regular

Includes: Transportation, Guide and Assistance.

Departure from your hotel to start our panoramic tour with which you will have a much more complete vision of the city, we will visit the main historical, civic and residential attractions such as: O'Higgins Park, Hippodrome (panoramic view) Government Palace - La Moneda (which on some days allows us to see a beautiful ceremony, which is called the changing of the guard), Plaza de Armas, Santiago Cathedral, Central Post Office of Chile, Municipal Chamber of Santiago and Cerro Santa Lucia where you can get a panoramic view of Santiago, there will be free time to take pictures.

The tour continues to the highest residential areas of the city, we will visit Providencia, Vitacura and Las Condes where we will make a stop to visit the handicraft store that has a great variety of handicraft products of the country.



                                  Vinicola Concha y Toro

DurationHalf Day (3hr30 hours approx.)

Days of operation: Daily -PM Regular Service.

Includes: Includes:Transportation, Tasting of 3 wines, Glass of wine, Guide and Assistance.

Departure from your hotel to the south of Santiago to the town of Pirque, where the Concha y Toro winery is located.

This winery was founded in 1883, today it is the largest wine producer in Latin America and one of the 10 largest wine producers in the world.

When you visit the winery you will have the opportunity to taste some of its vines, tour its gardens and visit the old Concha y TORO hacienda, and you will also experience and get close to one of its most world-renowned legends, the Casillero del Diablo (Devil's Casillero).



                                Vinicola Undurraga 

DurationHalf Day (3hr30 hours approx.)

Days of operation: Daily -PM Regular Service.

Includes: Includes:Transportation, Tasting of 3 wines, Glass of wine, Guide and Assistance.

Departure from your hotel to go to the city of Talagante, located 34 km from Santiago.

The Undurraga winery is one of the oldest wineries in Chile, founded in 1885 by Don Francisco Undurraga.

Located in the heart of the Maipo Valley is the Santa Ana estate, named in honor of his wife, where the following vines were planted: Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Riesling. These grapes were imported from France and Germany, making Undurraga one of the pioneering wineries in Chile.

We invite you to learn how these unique wines are made, you can visit our wineries that have over 130 years of history, so you can reveal all the secrets, aromas and flavors that come from our land.

At this moment it is one of the pioneer wineries in the export of national wines, counting with the most modern technologies destined to the elaboration of high quality wines.




                                Vinicola Santa Rita 

DurationHalf Day (3hr30 hours approx.)

Days of operation: Daily -PM Regular Service.

Includes: Includes:Transportation, Tasting of 3 wines, Glass of wine, Guide and Assistance.

Departure from your hotel to Alto Jahuel, where the famous Santa Rita vineyard is located. Founded in 1880 by Domingo Fernandez Concha, a prominent businessman and public man of the time, Domingo introduced fine French vines in the privileged soils of the Maipo Valley and incorporated specialized machinery, adding the hiring of winemakers of the same nationality that allowed the production of wines with techniques and results far superior to the traditional ones obtained in Chile, changing the way of making wines in our country.

Its winery and its patronal house were declared national monuments, we will make a stop at the main house called Doña Paula, whose name comes in honor of Paula Jaraquemada, owner of this house that at that time was the stage of several historical events related to the independence of Chile.

General Bernardo O'Higgins, after having fought against the Spanish crown, took refuge there with his 120 soldiers, hence the homage to him and the creation of the famous Santa Rita 120 wine chest.

Santa Rita is surrounded by a unique and natural environment where the tradition of wine, history, culture and gastronomy coexist.





                               Zoológico de Santiago

DurationHalf Day (04 hours approx.)

Days of operation: Tuesday to Sunday

Includes: Transportation and Assistance.

Note: Does not include entrance fee

Departure from your hotel to the National Zoo of Chile is a zoo located in the city of Santiago. It is located on the slopes of Cerro San Cristobal, belonging to the Metropolitan Park of Santiago. The main objectives of the work carried out at the National Zoo are the conservation and research of the species that inhabit it, as well as the education and recreation of the visiting public.
The National Zoo has an area of 4.8 hectares of enclosures and a population of more than 1,000 animals distributed among 158 species. Of the specimens on exhibit, 24% of the mammals and 37% of the birds are native to Chile.




                               Parque Zoológico Buin Zoo

DurationHalf Day (04 hours approx.)

Days of operation: Tuesday to Sunday

Includes: Transportation and Assistance.

Note: Does not include entrance fee

Departure from your hotel to Buin.

Buin Zoo, the largest and most modern zoo in Chile, is located in this commune. It has 2,000 specimens distributed in 400 different species. Its main characteristic is that it is located in an open space.

It also has an aquarium, an aviary, a pet cemetery, a baby zoo for the little ones, a jungle, a nocturama (for nocturnal animals) and the recreation of a small African savannah among other features. After touring the zoo, we start our way back to our hotel.



                              Cena Show en Restaurant Bali Hai

DurationHalf Day (04 hours approx.)

Days of operation: Wednesday through Saturday-PM Regular Service

Includes: Transportation, Complete Menu (mineral water, appetizer, starter, main course, ½ bottle of wine, beverage, natural juice, dessert, coffee) and Assistance.

Enjoy a delicious dinner accompanied by an exotic folkloric show, offered by the only Polynesian-style restaurant in Latin America.

Bali hai has a unique proposal that shows tourists the best dances of the Rapa Nui culture and other regions



                                  Tour de Compras 

DurationHalf Day (03 hours approx.)

Days of operation: Everyday

Includes: Transportation, Waiting time and Assistance 

Departure from your hotel to the Costanera Center, located in the Providencia sector of Santiago.
Costanera Center, in the largest building in Latin America, where, in addition to the possibility of visiting unique stores not found in Brazil and obtaining products at more attractive prices, passengers are directed to the Mall's tourist reception, where they receive discount coupons for most of the stores, location maps, restaurants and attractions.



                                 Templo Bahai

DurationHalf Day (04 hours approx.)

Days of operation: Tuesday to Sunday

Includes: Transportation, Guide and Assistance.

We began our journey to the Bahai temple, located in the commune of Peñalolen, in the foothills of Santiago.

This temple is unique in South America, surrounded by water mirrors in an environment populated by native plants and a luminous dome-shaped structure with its nine monumental glass wings that frame an accessible worship space. 

By looking through the central eyepiece located at the apex of the dome, visitors can appreciate the transfer of light from the exterior to the marble interior.

The Bahai Temple is a place that welcomes all human beings as equals, men and women, children and youth without distinction of nationality or creed.




                               San Cristobal & Teleferico

DurationHalf Day (04 hours approx.)

Days of operation: Tuesday to Sunday

Includes: Transportation, Guide and Assistance.

Departure from your hotel accompanied by a professional guide who will take us to the residential area of Pedro de Valdivia Norte where we will embark on the new and recently inaugurated Metropolitan Cable Car, whose cars have a maximum capacity for 6 people seated. The cable car will take us to the top of the Metropolitan Park which has more than 737 hectares, making it the largest urban park in South America and the 4th largest in the world. During the 15 minutes that the ascent lasts, you will be able to appreciate the wonderful panoramic view of the city and the majesty of the Andes Mountains.

At the top of Cerro San Cristobal, the guide will give all the information related to the different attractions offered by the park and will accompany you on a walk to the Sanctuary of the Immaculate Conception inaugurated in 1908, the image of the Immaculate Conception that is located at the top of the hill that was erected after great efforts of the believing people to finance this work of great magnitude.

It is a unique and different opportunity to get to know the most modern city in Latin America and return home with unique memories and experiences.




                                Experiencia Sunset Aylan

Duration: Medio dia (04 Hrs Aprox)

Opera: Every day - Pm 17:30 hrs aprox.

Includes: Transportation, Wine tasting, Cheese and ham platter, dinner, Guide and Assistance.

 Departure from the hotel to visit alyan this is an unmissable tour for those who are looking to visit a boutique winery. You will enjoy a unique experience where you will learn about the history and you will be enchanted with the tour.

We will start our experience with 4 tastings of Premium wines, accompanied by a great selection of nuts, cheeses and hams, each of the tastings will take place in a different and incredible place.

We will continue to enjoy the sunset with the wonders of nature and enjoy a good wine

Finalizaremos con una “Cena informal” que consta de carnes (vegetarianos Champiñones salteados) acompañados de salsas, pan, mantequilla y postre.



                                    Viña del Mar y Valparaíso

DurationFull Day (08 hours approx.)

Days of operation: Every day - Regular AM.

Includes: Transportation, Guide and Assistance.

Note: Lunch not included

 Departure from your hotel to start the trip to the coastal area to cross the green and beautiful valleys of Curacavi and Casablanca (we will make a stop).

After a 1:45 minute drive, we will arrive in Valparaiso for a panoramic view of this city, which is the most important port of our country, as well as a World Heritage Site.

We will pass by the National Congress building, continuing along the avenues Argentina, Pedro Montt, France and Germany (where Pablo Neruda's house La Sebastiana is located - visit not included) we will see narrow streets that go up to the hill that will take us to the Sotomayor square, which has one of the oldest funiculars in the country that is still in service and where you can get some of the best views of the bay of Valparaiso. After visiting Valparaiso, we will have time for lunch (not included) at a restaurant overlooking the sea that offers a variety of dishes based on seafood, fish and international cuisine.                     

Our tour continues to visit Viña del Mar which is called the Garden City, for its beautiful gardens and parks being the most known and attractive the Quinta Vergara Park. We will continue visiting the main attractions such as the beaches and avenues.




                                 Valle Nevado (Tour Panorámico)

Duration: Todo el día (08 horas aprox.)

Days of operation: Todos los días – Regular AM.

Includes: Transportation, Guide and Assistance.

Note: Lunch not included

Salida temprano de su hotel en dirección a la imponente montaña cubierta de nieve en la cordillera de los andes, en frente a Santiago. Subiremos por sus curvas muy marcadas, pero de camino muy bien asfaltado, podremos ver casas de montaña con sus extraordinarias vistas que tienen sobre el valle de Santiago.

El paseo panorámico incluye una breve visita a las 3 estaciones de esquí que se encuentran en la montaña. Llegaremos al pueblo de Farellones a 2400 mts sobre el nivel del mar (curva 40 del camino). En este lugar realizaremos una breve visita para observar ese maravilloso lugar en donde tendremos una vista espectacular.

En seguida continuaremos nuestro camino para el centro de esquí el colorado, donde también realizaremos una visita panorámica a sus instalaciones.

El paseo continuo hacia la estación de esquí más moderna de América del Sur; Valle Nevado que encuentra a 3000 mts (sobre el nivel del mar) con sus 3 bellos e impresionantes hoteles, rodeados por las mejores pistas de esquí que permiten a los amantes de la nieve puedan tener la oportunidad de hacer uso de su excelente infraestructura.



                                Cajon del Maipo & Embalse el yeso 

DurationFull Day (08 hours approx.)

Days of operation: Lunes a Viernes.(Sujeto a condiciones climáticas)

Includes: Transportation, Guide and Assistance.

Note: No incluye picnic , ni Almuerzo.

Aguas de color turquesa a los pies de la cordillera de los Andes.

Conéctese con la naturaleza a pocos kilómetros de Santiago.

En esta excursión conoceremos el Cajón del Maipo, como destino de Eco-turismo ubicado en la cordillera de los Andes.

Nuestra primera parada es en San Jose de Maipo, una pequeña cuidad a 48 km de la capital y punto de encuentro para los amantes del turismo aventura. Sus construcciones son de estilo colonial entre ellas se encuentra la iglesia y la plaza de armas que fueron construida en 1880 por esto cuentan con el título de monumento nacional.

Continuando con nuestro recorrido vamos entrando hacia la cordillera de los Andes hasta llegar al Embalase el Yeso (Reserva el Yeso) a 2500 mts sobre el nivel del mar, esta es una fuente de abastecimiento de agua potable de la región Metropolitana de Santiago.

Sus aguas de Color Turquesa y de fondo una imponente cordillera de los Andes, hacen de este lugar una verdadera postal.



                                 Cajon del Maipo & Termas de colina.

Duration: Día Completo  (10 horas aprox.)

Days of operation: Lunes a Viernes (sujeto a condiciones climáticas)

Includes: Transporte, Ticket de Termas, Guía y Asistencia.

Note: No incluye picnic , ni Almuerzo

 Nos dirigiremos a un sector único, cercano a la ciudad de Santiago, llamado Cajón del Maipo. El sector para realizar actividades de turismo aventura y disfrutar al máximo la naturaleza y la majestuosa Cordillera de los Andes. Salimos de Santiago directo

a San José de Maipo, donde nos detendremos para tomar desayuno y reanudar el viaje. Un lugar único a los pies del Volcán San José nos lleva a la majestuosa cordillera de Los Andes a un mirador a 2.500 metros sobre el nivel del mar. La caminata, de una duración máxima de 2 y 1/2 a 3 horas, nos permite vivir la montaña en su máximo esplendor además de ir conociendo un poco más de la geografía y la fauna del lugar, junto a nuestros guías especializados. En el mirador tendremos una vista privilegiada

del Volcán San José y los cerros aledaños, considerado activo debido a su última erupción en el año 1960. Al llegar al mirador compartiremos un delicioso sándwich y snacks, mientras tendremos un momento para apreciar los Andes y sacar algunas fotos, después caminaremos de regreso.

Luego de finalizar la caminata, nos dirigiremos tras un viaje en vehículo de unos 25 a 30 minutos hacia los Baños de Colina, donde encontraremos diferentes pozas naturales de agua termal a diferentes temperaturas, dispuestas como terrazas al aire libre, por depósitos calcáreos. Disfrutaremos de un relajante y terapéutico baño de aguas termales, después de una increíble caminata de 6K a 2.500 metros de altitud.



                                       Valle Nevado (Ski Tour)

Duration:Full Day (08 hours approx.)

Days of operation:Invierno (Junio a Septiembre) (sujeto a condiciones climáticas)

Includes: Transportation, Guide and Assistance.

Note: Lunch, clothing, ski equipment and lift ticket not included.

Salida desde su Hotel para comenzar nuestro tour hacia los imponentes montes nevados de la Cordillera de Los Andes frente a Santiago. El ascenso entre sinuosas curvas por un camino pavimentado, que permite observar pequeños villorios de montaña y una extraordinaria vista al valle de Santiago.

Llegada a Valle Nevado el centro de Ski más moderno de Sudamérica, con su tres hermosos e impresionantes hoteles, rodeado de las mejores pistas de Ski del área. Los amantes de la nieve tendrán la oportunidad de hacer uso de su excelente infraestructura.

Tiempo libre para disfrutar el paisaje o esquiar.



                                    Isla Negra , Museo Pablo Neruda c/Pomaire 

Duration:Full Day (08 hours approx.) 

Days of operation: Tuesday to Sunday

Includes: Transportation, Guide and Assistance.

Note:Lunch and museum entrance not included

The excursion begins crossing beautiful natural landscapes of the Central Valley, which goes through old pine and eucalyptus forests to finally burst in front of the Pacific Ocean next to the exclusive beach resort of Algarrobo with its beautiful houses and very well maintained gardens.

Bordering the coast you will arrive at the picturesque port of San Antonio with intense activity and colorful fish and seafood fair, continuing to the quiet resort of Isla Negra, which houses the House-Museum of the poet Pablo Neruda (Nobel Prize 1971) facing the sea, among beautiful figureheads, collections of shells, countless personal items and manuscripts of his extraordinary literary works, will be unveiling the multifaceted aspects of the genius of Neruda.

Lunch (not included) can be enjoyed in one of the local restaurants.
In the afternoon, return to Santiago, visiting the town of Pomaire, whose main activity is clay and clay handicrafts.




                                       Valle de Colchagua

Duration:Full Day (08 hours approx.) 

Days of operation: Martes a Domingo.

Includes: Transportation, Guide and Assistance.

Note: includes lunch at local restaurant

Departure from your hotel to head south towards the city of San Fernando. Once in the Colchagua area, we will take the detour that will take us to the city of Santa Cruz, where we will visit our first vineyard. Where we will visit our first vineyardBisquertt”, nuestra visita contempla: sus centenarias bodegas, la Restaurada Casona, sus hermosos jardines, los salones impregnados de historia y tradición; la maravillosa colección de Coches Antiguos, y el espectacular salón de Recepciones, donde podrá conocer y disfrutar el Maridaje, y gastronomía especialmente para usted (no incluida). Luego nos trasladaremos hasta el Museo de Colchagua, el cual trata de explicarnos el pasado del planeta a partir de la realidad americana. Explorando también la paleontología, arqueología, y el arte precolombino de Chile y América. A continuación nos dirigimos hacia la Viña Viu Manent, una vez en la Viña nos trasladaremos por las instalaciones en una tradicional carreta tirada por Caballos, quienes se introducirán entre las Parras, y vivir así una nueva experiencia en Viñas.

Pasando por el Restaurant La Llave de la misma Viña, disfrutaremos algunas de las recetas coloniales que Don Miguel Viu García escribió durante su viaje de Barcelona a Chile, las cuales tienen una influencia europea, catalana, y francesa. Inspiradas en la búsqueda de un mejor Maridaje. 



                                       Valle Cachapoal

Duration: Día Completo  (08 horas aprox.) Martes a Domingo

Days of operation: Tuesday to Sunday

Includes: Transportation, Guide and Assistance.

Note:No incluye almuerzo 

Salida desde su Hotel en dirección al Valle de Cachapoal, Valle caracterizado por sus oscilaciones térmicas que constituyen un factor de tipicidad en sus irrepetibles vinos, especial fragancia, suavidad de taninos, uvas perfumadas y frescas, con una perfecta relación entre acidez y dulzor. Dentro de este preciado Valle visitaremos 2 viñas.

Viña Anakena, te invita a descubrir la excelencia y diversidad de los vinos del Alto Cachapoal en el Valle de Rapel. En un ameno e instructivo recorrido por nuestros viñedos conocerás las características de cada variedad, en la bodega aprenderás la magia en la elaboración de un vino de calidad, para continuar con una dinámica degustación en un entorno único y privilegiado. Además, podrás visitar la sala de ventas donde encontrarás vinos y otros productos. Luego nos dirigimos a una de las viñas más importantes en este Valle.

Consientes de la incomparable belleza del paisaje precordillerano del Alto Cachapoal en que están insertos los viñedos y la bodega de Altair. Hemos diseñado un recorrido que ofrece una experiencia única a nuestros visitantes. Los turistas son bienvenidos en un moderno y equipado quincho desde el cual se puede disfrutar una de las visitas más hermosas del Alto Cachapoal. Luego de una explicación del manejo de viñedos, los visitantes se internan en la sofisticada y grandiosa bodega gravitacional. El recorrido concluye con el principal hito de esta aventura: la degustación del vino icono de la casa Altair.