San Pedro de Atacama


San Pedro de Atacama


Géisers del Tatio, Vado de Puana y Humedal de Machuca

The Tatio Geothermal Field is located at 4,300 meters above sea level in the middle of the Andes Mountains, here the constant volcanic activity generates a unique phenomenon in the world, boiling water at 85°C is expelled from the earth creating columns of hot water and fumaroles that reach several meters high. "Tata-iu" The grandfather who cries is one of the largest geothermal fields in the world and the second most visited after Yellowstone in the USA, on the way back we will visit the beautiful Vado de Putana where vicuñas, foxes and different birds come to drink water and feed in the place, perfect for photographs of landscapes and wildlife. Finally we will visit the Machuca wetland, home to a colony of colorful flamingos of different subspecies.



Valle de la Luna

The Valle de la Luna is one of the most important points of the Cordillera de la Sal and part of the Los Flamencos National Reserve; we visit the main dune, the amphitheater, the three Marías, the salt mine and the Kari viewpoint (known as the coyote's stone). Finally we wait for the sunset in front of the Andes Mountains.


Piedras Rojas, Lagunas Altiplánicas (Miscanti y Miñiques) y Salar de Atacama

Route that runs south of San Pedro de Atacama, towards the Paso Sico border crossing.

Our first stop will be at the flamingo reserve "Laguna Chaxa" sector where it will be possible to see flamingos and we will receive an explanation about the richness and importance of microbial diversity in the Salar de Atacama. Our next visit will be to the Altiplanic Lagoons. Here we will be able to walk at least two trails of regular access, to visit the Miscanti and Miñiques lagoons, with a privileged view of the volcanoes. Then We continue to Piedras Rojas, where we will enjoy a trail to the closest point to the Salar de Talar. Which is at the foot of the beautiful Piedras Rojas, creating a picturesque landscape and allowing amazing pictures. After a delicious box lunch we will return to San Pedro de Atacama at approximately 16:30 Hrs.



Laguna Cejar y Tebinquinche

Cejar Lagoon is a complex of interconnected lagoons where we can enjoy the sensation of floating completely without any complications on the "Laguna Piedra" which, due to its high salinity, inevitably keeps us on its surface. Then, in the Tebenquiche Lagoon, we will appreciate strange microbial associations that have been very important for the planet since the origin of life until today, in Tebenquiche. We will also be able to appreciate the Andean volcanoes reflected on this natural sanctuary.



Valle del Arcoíris y Petroglifos de Yerbas Buenas

To reach the Rainbow Valley we must move to the interior of the Cordillera de Domeyko, the mountain range that marks the western boundary of the Salar de Atacama. Here a series of geological events over millions of years created a picturesque mountain landscape of multiple colors, each defined by the mineralogical composition of the different layers. We will also visit the archaeological site of Petroglifos de Yerbas Buenas where Buenas where in beautiful and ancient rock formations we will observe petroglyphs of thousands of years old that evidence the passage and life of the Atacameño Lickanantay culture.



Tour Arqueológico , Degustación atacameña (Aldea de Tulor y Pukara de Quitor)

The Atacameño people are cattle ranchers, farmers, and warriors who defended their lands and territories. Our visit will begin at the "Pukará de Quitor". A walled city with houses, warehouses and recreational sites, a place where the people organized themselves for subsist, fight, and resist invasions such as the Inca and European invasions. We will then leave for the village of Tulor, a hamlet with circular houses buried under a dune in the middle of the
It is considered the first village of the Lickanantay culture.
We will finish with a tasting of Atacameño products in the indigenous community. where we will taste flavors from the area such as chañar, quinoa, and algarrobo.



Termas de Puritama

The Puritama hot springs is one of the most pleasant places in the destination of San Pedro Sula. Atacama for the relaxing experience provided by the water that springs from the earth. temperatures ranging from 30° to 33°C (86° to 95°F). The site has 8 pools located inside the Puritama canyon, where depending on the pool that we are assigned to We will enjoy approximately 2 hours of relaxation and fun in the midst of the
Andes mountain range.



Traslado Aeropuerto Calama

From Calama airport to San Pedro de Atacama.

We will be waiting for you at the El Loa airport in Calama to take you to your hotel in San Pedro de Atacama, a one and a half hour trip that you will do in a comfortable and safe way. We combine with all commercial flights arriving to Calama, we just need to know your arrival date and flight number, and we will be waiting for you. We will also take you from your hotel to the airport.